Welcome to Sörsjön!


Winter Fishing

  • Winter fishing can be done as long as there is ice, and there is for a long time of the year.
  • You can buy a license to several fishing waters. The are also scooter tracks to Kvarntjärnarna and Skarpabborrtjärn.
  • Fishing licenses and maggot are sold in the food-store and at Dalen.
Winter fishing   Winter fishing 


Summer Fishing

  • There are many fishing waters in the area, where you can fish rainbow trout, brown trout or arctic char. You can fish grayling in the river and salmon trout in the creeks. Pike and perch can be fished in the river and the lakes.
  • Wind shelters and grill spots in several places.
  • Transtrands FVOF (Fishing Authority) sells fishing permits at the food store and Dalen kiosk & café in Sörsjön.Dalen sells also fishing permits for the Särna Idre fishing area.

Summer Fishing



Sörsjön is where Dalarna is most beautiful.